Peter, Sophie, Kevan, Maddison, Dean, D’arcy, Dan, Sheamus, Manasha, Natalie, Caitlin, Breanna, Rosie, Tahlia, Emily, teachers Andrew and Penny

‘We’re so excited’, said Emily.  She was the first Mt Gravatt SHS student to arrive for a planting of 120 native seedlings that will eventually support koalas, gliders and butterflies on Mt Gravatt.  Year 11 student Sheamus O’Connor organised a band of 15 students, two science teachers, and three family members to recognise National Tree Day by rehabilitating a degraded area adjacent to the Summit Track.

Within an hour, the area had been transformed from a barren wasteland into the makings of a great little piece of wildlife habitat.  The students really enjoyed changing the landscape.   Look for it on your left, as you cross the road from Gertrude Petty Place to commence the Summit Track walk.

It gives us hope for the future when our local students don’t wait for others to solve all the problems, they partner with other community members to plant their own future.

You can collect a copy of the Mt Gravatt Summit Track self-guided walk brochure from Wishart Ward Office, Mt Gravatt Library and Garden City Library or print your own – Summit Track guide.