img251Flora & Fauna of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve showcases the extraordinary beauty of this special piece of bush in the middle of our community and the damage caused by weeds, which are often spreading from our own gardens.

Flora & Fauna of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve is also a dynamic learning tool for the authors, which means mistakes in identification and other information will occur from time to time. As these mistakes are challenged our knowledge expands and corrections made in this expanding record of information about our local flora and fauna.

All photographs taken in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve.
Photographs not taken by authors acknowledged.

© Creative Commons – free use with attribution to Mt Gravatt Environment Group



14 Responses to “Flora & Fauna”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Can you recommend a good Chinese Elm tree removing person? Some years ago I had the source tree removed (due to VERY toxic bat poo all over my back deck). However, nothing seems to stop the onwards and ever onwards infestation of my yard. I live in East Brisbane. Thank you and best wishes. Robyn

    1. Robyn, I am happy to recommend Dale at Climb n Grind … he as a way with Chinese Elms … see a video of him in action at
      Dale’s contact details are
      mobile – 0429 097 476
      email –
      web –

  2. David B Says:

    I saw a swamp wallaby in bushland at Mt Gravatt campus near the lagoon, Saturday 18/04/20

    1. Thanks David … we have had a number of sighting reported over last few years however no photos yet. Perhaps we need to set up a wildlife camera.

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