I am proud to represent our community as President of Mt Gravatt Environment Group and sharing the latest news with this blog. However I have been struggling with how to report on commitments of our local candidates in next Saturday’s election.

The latest news reported on the B4C website gave me the direction I needed:

“MEG is proving a major force for the environment and its work for Mt Gravatt Outlook Nature Reserve should be  recognised and supported.

The support must now come from the  community and this will hopefully lead our elected representatives into actions to protect the mountain and support its volunteer initiatives.”

Representing Mt Gravatt Environment Group I have received strong commitments from both Phil Reeves (ALP) and Ian Walker (LNP).

To help community members make their own decisions I have attached the key information provided by our candidates.



LNP PolicyFactsheet_EveryEnviro_2pgFINAL