By: Susan Jones

Checking out a native bee nest

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Holland Park Kindergarten families to Gertrude Petty Place for a bush adventure. The children were excited about catching up with their friends after two weeks holiday and were brimming with energy.

We checked out a  termite’s nest in an old ironbark gum where kookaburras nest each year  and then headed off to search for native bee nests (Trigona carbonaria)in a nearby hollow tree trunk.

Bush tucker – food tastes better in the bush

The children have a native bee nest in a box at school, but they were fascinated seeing nests in the wild.

After a walk through the bushcare site everyone was feeling tired and ready to tuck into a picnic morning tea before heading off home.

Our young friends left with some local native ground cover plants that will be planted in the school grounds to attract butterflies, birds, bees and frogs.

Thanks Amanda for organising this outing and we hope to see Holland Park Kindergarten back in the bush soon.