Koala near Hillsong carpark. Photo: Craig Byrne

We are learning amazing new information about Koalas and other Australian wildlife every year, as demonstrated by the extraordinary new evidence that Koalas, in at least one location, eat the bark of trees as well as the leaves.

Locally Craig Byrne spotted this healthy specimen this week while walking in the bush near the Hillsong carpark. Sightings like this are an important part of our work in restoring Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve. Detailed records of Koala sightings provided evidence to support the installation of Koala crossing signs in Klumpp Roadafter a Koala was killed in November last year.

Koala Tracker map – 11/8/12 – Red = Dead, Yellow = Sick/Injured

Have you seen a Koala?

Email megoutlook@gmail.com with photos and location and will add the directly data to the innovative new Koala Tracker database. As Koala Tracker Member we can access maps, detailed data and photographs for our local area.

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You are a part of the solution. Report every sighting, every death and injury. Tell your friends to do the same.