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Mt Gravatt SHS Pollinator Link 1 - 13 April 2014 Planting native grasses to create habitat

By: Laurie Deacon

The forecast was rain. Cyclone Ita had just crossed the coast in north Queensland and the outlook looked bleak in Brisbane. Do we cancel our monthly working bee?

We did have the Bushcare in the end with some lovely uni students from the Australian Catholic University (Banyo)

Team proud of their achievement Team proud of their achievement

who came over under their own steam in a car and they were a delight. They were all studying Degree in Primary School teaching. The rain in fact was light and eased so it was perfect gardening weather.

The team planted native grasses including Creeping Beard Grass Oplismenus aemulus and Pademelon Grass Oplismenus imbecillis. The first step in restoring bushland is often counter intutive – plant grass first and trees later.

Orange-streaked Ringlet butterfly Orange-streaked Ringlet butterfly

These grasses act as a Living Mulch spreading by nodes they quickly cover the ground

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