By: Michael Fox

Griffith Mates are back with five Japanese students visiting to help our Bushcare restoration work.

It is always a pleasure to show our international guests the unique Australian flora and fauna.



It doesn’t need to be spectacular flowers or Koalas to interest our guests.

Using magnifying glasses they were able to see our very smallest flowers: smaller than the head of a pin. Exocarpus cupressiformis Native Cherry

This interesting bush food typically occurs among Allocasuarina littoralis Black She-oak on which it is a root parasite.

Garden Jumping Spider


This Garden Jumping Spider Opisthoncus parcedentatus fascinated the students who were impressed with the distance this tiny spider can jump to catch mosquitoes for lunch.


Of course it helped that we found two Koalas in the trees beside the track to the Summit.

By: Michael Fox

How many Koalas are there in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve? I am often asked that question.

As part of our 2021 Koala Drinker Research Project and work by Peter Demmers we know there are at least thirteen individual Koalas in the Reserve. We now have a couple with excellent Koala spotting skills they share with other visitors by marking sightings with an arrow on the track.

If you see an arrow on the track, pause look around and say hi to our special locals.

By: Michael Fox

Let’s take advantage of the amazing rainy season and restore more Koala and wildlife habitat in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve. We have added at least twenty new flora and fauna species this year.

Join us to plant another 600 wildflowers, grasses, vines and shrubs.

Date: Sunday 31 July

Time: 8:00AM – 12:00PM

Location: Eastern Outlook Track

The 2022 planting site is small so please Register early to ensure a place for this year’s National Tree Day.

Painting with Light

Sunday 16 May 2021

Workshop leader Alan Moore, will challenge you to break the Golden Rule and utilise contre jour style to intensify line and form, shapes and silhouettes, allowing you to see detail in the clutter.

Gift your Mum, or yourself, with place at our annual Photography Workshop where Alan will introduce you to painting with light – artistry and aperture. Then discuss planning and pre-visualisation before we go on assignment in the bush.

Location: Fox Gully Bushcare – Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve

Registration form

Beat the Bites: Mosquito Research and Management


“I’ve never seen anything like it. I actually heard it before I saw it!”

I get more than a dozen emails, tweets, or phone calls every summer like this. Excited (terrified?) correspondence asking about the “giant” mosquito captured in the backyard or buzzing about windows.

Toxorhynchites speciosus is as “good” a mosquito as there can be. First, it is a gorgeous creature. Almost four times the size of a typical mosquito, it is a large dark and shiny mosquito with bright metallic patterns.

There are around 70 species of Toxorhynchites mosquitoes around the world but only a few species found in Australia. The mosquito is reasonably common, but rarely very abundant. It is found along the eastern and north coast of Australia, stretching from Sydney through to Darwin.

Toxo_larvae The larvae of Toxorhynchites speciosus are large and easily spotted in water-holding containers around the backyard

This is one of the few mosquitoes…

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By: Michael Fox

I’m lucky to be able to get my exercise exploring the wildlife of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve.

Squirrel Gliders Petaurus norfolcensis are good at staying home even if they are not into social isolation. Glider families typically occupy a number of different nest boxes going out at night and sleeping during the day.

White Tangle ~ Callopistria maillardi - Fox Gully Bushcare - 24 Mar 2020

White Tangle moth caterpillar


Butterfly and moth caterpillars are typically selective feeders able to digest only a very limited range of plant species.

So I was interested to find the White Tangle moth caterpillar Callopistria maillardi which feeds on ferns like the invasive garden escapee: Fishbone Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia.

Transverse Moth - Xanthodes transversa - caterpillar 2 - 29 Mar 2020

Transverse Moth caterpillar


Moths often have to most interesting and colourful caterpillars like this Transverse Moth Xanthodes transversa caterpillar I found feeding on the Native Hibiscus Hibiscus heterophyllus planted by a National Tree Day team.










There are some impressive adult moths Erebus Moth Erebus terminitincta  with its 100mm wing span and owl like eyes on the wings.









Domino Coukoo Bee - Thyreus lugubris 2 - 1 April 2020

Domino Coukoo Bee


I also found a new solitary native bee to add to the species list for the Reserve. The well named Domino Coukoo Bee Thyreus lugubris means we have now identified ten species of solitary native bees in the Reserve.


Domino Coukoo Bee - Thyreus lugubris 3 - 1 April 2020

Cute white furry whiskers












Paperbark Sawfly - Lophyrotoma zonalis 2 - 8 April 2020

Paperbark Sawfly


This Paperbark Sawfly Lophyrotoma zonalis is another new species identified in the Reserve. Adult Sawflies are not often seen as they live only one to two weeks in which time they do not feed but mate and lay their eggs on leaves of Melaleuca species.



Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike - Coracina novaehollandiae - 17 Mar 2020 lr

Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike



The handsome Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike Coracina novaehollandiae is another addition to the species list.








Finally I found this cute Koala Phascolarctos cinereus watching us install a Koala Drinker on Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys.

A lot of walkers are getting their exercise in the Reserve at the moment. Map of walking tracks.

By: Michael Fox

Join CleanUp Australia – Mt Gravatt Summit

Koala Mum & Joey - 29 Oct 2019 cropped

Koala Mum & Joey: Fox Gully



Our annual Clean Up is creating a wonderful home for our Koala families as well as a welcome place for walkers and family picnics.

Date: Sunday March 1st 2020

Start time: 8am

Meet at: Mt Gravatt Summit carpark – near Love Well Project

Please join our Clean Up teams picking up rubbish or removing Lantana

CoverShare visual stories of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve with family and friends and support our ongoing restoration work and wildlife research.

The theme of this year’s annual Photographic Workshop was Aspects and Viewpoints: look for a viewpoint that emphasises the story and the aspect frames the subject. Participants learned to tell a story using lighting and depth of field to capture their experience of being in the bush.

Order early for posting overseas. 





Calendar:    $15ea plus $4.00 post & packing.

Purchase calendars:

Use email order form

Visit B4C Sustainability Centre



By: Michael Fox

Thanks to Fflur Collier, BCC Wildlife Conservation Partnerships I have been able to make valuable additions to our Flora and Fauna of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve research.

Accurate identification of fungi species can be extremely difficult so tentative identification is used in some cases. Please share any insights or corrections.

Flora and Fauna - Fungi










Ever wondered how to use all those numbers at the bottom of your camera’s view screen?

Join Alan Moore for our 2019 Photography Workshop and learn how to use those numbers to take extraordinary photos.

The theme this year is choosing the Aspect and Viewpoint that best tells your story.

Date: 19 May 2019

Book your workshop place today before it fills up.


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