Pollinator Link

Native Sarsaparilla Hardenbergia violacea Native Sarsaparilla Hardenbergia violacea

By: Sheamus O’Connor

The Pollinator Link Garden at Mount Gravatt SHS is beginning to display the vibrant colours of Australian wildflowers. We had a very undesirable storm season this year, hardly receiving much rain at all when we needed it most. Autumn simply did not exist in Brisbane, as most days reached 30oC at least. However, now with winter here, as well as some decent cold weather, the water that’s left in our soils is less likely to be evaporated by the intense heat of the sun.



Beetles enjoying the abundance of wattle flowers Beetles enjoying the abundance of wattle flowers

Native plants are known for their hardiness, and they always are able to create an elaborate display of stunning flowers in unfavourable conditions. Acacia species are in full bloom, if not now, very soon. Their perfume can be smelt a great distance away. Look closely at their…

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