Koala - 3 May 2015

Koala visitor Fox Gully Bushcare – 3 May 2015

By: Michael Fox

We have regular sightings on Koalas Phascolarctos cinereus in the Reserve and we know they have been breeding for several years. See the 2011 report about Sparky and her joey, they live near an Energex sub-station.

What we have not yet been able to do is identify individuals. While we are getting more sightings reported we don’t know how many different individuals live in the Reserve and what area their territory covers.

Is today’s Koala visitor the same one I videoed in March grazing on fresh Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys in Fox Gully Bushcare?

Koala - Fox Gully - 28 Mar 2015 - J Fox

…… Female Koala – snowy white chest ……… 28 Mar 2015

One thing we can do is identify that both individuals are females. The pure white chest fur is typical of female Koalas. Males have dirty chests from rubbing their scent glands on tree bark to mark their territory.

Further research is needed to establish ways to identify individuals by differences in facial features and fur patterns.