Koalas - night - Laurie - 11 May 2015

Walking at night look up for Koalas

By: Laurie Deacon

I went walking last night on the mountain with Mike, Liliana and Matt …spotting ….and we saw two Koalas at two different sights as per the map attached.

Koala One was seen at 8.30 pm and was pretty much in same location as were Pieter saw our koala on the March morning walk. At the fork on Acacia Way.

Both were very cute, middle sized Koalas.

Koala one was on the ground beside the track and then when he/she saw us rushed off in the bush and slowly went up a mid-sized straight tree, but stopped and looked at us. She hung around the base of the tree for about 5 minutes. She seemed young, in good health and maybe a girl.

Koala Two seen around 9pm and was sitting high in a gum just about at the top of the Geebung Track where it breaks onto the park area..(currently covered on steel yards for new public toilet construction). She was cuddled up on a long straight branch quite open and the breeze was making her hold on very tight as the branch was swaying. We could not see if she had a clear white tummy as she was balled up. But was looking around.

Was a beautiful night for a star light walk and then a picnic rug for a home baked Honey and Apple syrup cake and candles in the park for Matt’s 25th Birthday.

Best present he said was seeing the Koalas.