Pollinator Link

By: Michael Fox

Our second Pollinator Link article in Living in the Shires magazine looks at that great friend of our weekend backyard barbecue events, Micro-bats.

I met the magazine editor, Susan Prior, this week and discussed her article, Nancy on Nolan, which left me wishing we had visited MONA when we were in Tasmania last month. David Gowdie, Harcourts Graceville, sponsors this excellent community magazine. See David’s article – Spring Time = Growth Time on page 3.

Mighty Fine Book Swap - 14 Sept 2015 Need a book to read?

Susan herself is interesting. After I left the Harcourts office I stopped to photograph this curious footpath bookcase. The sign reads Mighty Fine Book Swap. Another generous community initiative of Susan’s. The Shires are looking like a good community to live in.

Learn more about microbats:

Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD Inc.

Microbats of Brisbane’s Inner West (2015)
A report for the Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network…

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