By: Michael Fox

Join us for 2016 Clean Up Australia.

Each year an enthusiastic team comes together to clean up Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve, collecting a strange collection of rubbish like car tires, as well as, the usual fast food > fast rubbish.

The 2011 Clean Up results were excellent:

  • 31 volunteers
  • 35 bags of rubbish (white)
  • 20 bags of recyclables (yellow)
  • Most unusual item found:
    • a full suitcase of clothing!

Planning the 2016 Clean Up Australia, with coordinator Heather Woods, has highlighted the results of the annual clean up. With the old car tires, suitcases, a piano and TVs removed, and the gates locked at night, the Reserve is looking good.

Be a Lantana Weed Buster.

Our annual Clean Up Australia has been so successful we have decided to offer an option to be a Lantana Weed Buster for a Morning. Creeping Lantana Lantana montevidenses is one of our major weed threats in the Reserve. Lantana competes for native plants for scarce water reserves and the chemicals in Lantana have a significant negative effects on native plant species:

“… lantana excludes native species through smothering and allelopathic effects –  toxicity to other plants.” Lantana—A Weed of National Significance

Join us for a morning in the bush. Register Now for Clean Up or Weed-busting