Video: D. Frenkiel

Koala mun and joey on branch - 29 Oct 2017

Koala Mum and Joey – Photo: D. Frenkiel

By: Michael Fox


Hearing loud grunting at night?

Koala breeding season is here, August to February, so males are loudly announcing their availability and we have our first report of a new joey (baby) Koala.

Mountain neighbour Dominic, shared video of a Koala mum with joey clinging to her back while she climbed a Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys in Fox Gully Bushcare.

Bottle Brush Grass Tree - Xanthorrhoea macronema - 1 Nov 2017

Bottle Brush Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea macronema

Look for Bottle Brush Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea macronema in flower along Acacia Way and Eastern Outlook Track. Very popular with our native Stingless Bees Tetragonula sp. and Blue Banded Bees Amegilla cingulata these uncommon Grass Trees are found in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve but not in Toohey Forest just one kilometre away across the Motorway.

Daviesia villifera - fower - Aug 07

Bitter Pea Daviesia villifera






Along Acacia Way you will also find Bitter Pea Daviesia villifera with it’s bright yellow flowers and distinctively shaped leaves.

Broad-leaf bramble - Raspberry - Rubus moluccanus - flower - 1 Nov 2017

Broad-leaf bramble (Raspberry) Rubus moluccanus

The Bitter Pea is caterpillar food plant for the Fringed Heath-blue butterfly Neolucia agricola






Look for native raspberries in flower along Acacia Way. We have ten native raspberry species in Queensland. Broad-leaf bramble Rubus moluccanus occurs naturally in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve.

However, if you want to grow your own native raspberries I recommend Large-fruited Raspberry Rubus probus, fast growing and the biggest raspberries I have ever eaten. Just make sure you restrain it by planting in a large pot as these plants sucker aggressively.

King Parrort Acacia seed

Acacia fimbriata seed                                                       Male King Parrot

Brisbane Fringed Wattle Acacia fimbriata has finished its beautiful bright yellow winter flowering. However, if you are lucky you will see a King Parrot Alisterus scapularis feeding on the seeds. Listen for the King Parrot call as you walk.