By: Michael Fox

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We have updated Flora & Fauna of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve with three new native plants – Isotropis filicaulis a rare/threatened shrub of the Fabaceae family, Swamp/Slender Bindweed Polymeria calycina a delicate vine with tiny pale pink flowers and Plantago debilis a native herb. This brings the count of indigenous plants species found in the Reserve to two hundred and sixty-eight.

A new native snail – Fraser’s Land Snail Sphaerospira fraseri has been added thanks to a young naturalist neighbour,  Ethan Morris.

New photos and video of the Pacific Baza Aviceda subcristata has been added. In March we had a family of three Bazas in Fox Gully over a period of two weeks. I watched as one Baza hunted a large Stick Insect in a young Tallowwood planted in our 2008 Fox Gully Bushcare Community Planting and now supporting food for birds.

Flora species list and other research.