By: Michael Fox

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We have updated Flora & Fauna of Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve with three new native plants – Isotropis filicaulis a rare/threatened shrub of the Fabaceae family, Swamp/Slender Bindweed Polymeria calycina a delicate vine with tiny pale pink flowers and Plantago debilis a native herb. This brings the count of indigenous plants species found in the Reserve to two hundred and sixty-eight.

A new native snail – Fraser’s Land Snail Sphaerospira fraseri has been added thanks to a young naturalist neighbour,  Ethan Morris.

New photos and video of the Pacific Baza Aviceda subcristata has been added. In March we had a family of three Bazas in Fox Gully over a period of two weeks. I watched as one Baza hunted a large Stick Insect in a young Tallowwood planted in our 2008 Fox Gully Bushcare Community Planting and now supporting food for birds.

Flora species list and other research.

Pacific Bazza - 4 Mar 13

Pacific Baza Aviceda subcristata

By: Michael Fox

You always know when a Pacific Baza Aviceda subcristata is around because all the other birds kick up a fuss although they don’t seem to be a direct threat, being more interested in stick insects.

The Pacific Baza’s favorite prey is large insects, particularly stick insects and mantids, and frogs. They sometimes eat fruit as well. Bazzas will move through the canopy, or perch and watch, then make short dives, with feet extended, to snatch prey from the foliage or from the air.  Birds in Backyards

Three of these magnificent birds have been visiting various parts of Fox Gully over the past week. While I was watching one of the Bazas flew into the trees planted in the Zone 8 restoration then landed back on the same branch to eat something long and green. I was too far away to photograph but I suspect it was a stick insect.