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Restoring our local forest must be done without contributing to deforestation and/or damage to poor communities in other countries. Developing printed material like flyers and newsletters seems to run counter to this vision. However, even with the active use of social media like Facebook and email, effective engagement of community members still depends on delivering physical documents that can be read and discussed by family members or picked up in the local library.

Since 2011 Worldwide Printing Solutions at Upper Mt Gravatt have been providing us with high quality printed products, excellent advice and support, all delivered at competitive prices. Worldwide also share our respect for the environment and focus on sustainability:

“In October 2012, we became the very first printing franchise in Australia to be certified NoCO2, meaning we’re 100% carbon neutral in a majority of our national network of centres. We’ve achieved this through making big positive changes internally, while also investing heavily in three major sustainability projects in India, Cambodia and China.” Our sustainability ripples worldwide

It was a pleasure to read the Worldwide report showing that the paper in flyers and newsletters we distribute is certified sustainably sourced – FSC (Forest Stewardship Council of Australia), the factory printing our material is solar powered, environmental inks are used and carbon offset credits are used to fund projects in countries across the world including biofuelling in India, low impact house stoves in Cambodia and wind power in China.

Working with suppliers who share our values is an important part of building a community group that continually works to add value to our environment, community and local business.