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  1. Blair Says:

    BBC advised me to contact Michael Fox regarding choosing native tall trees to plant along my fence to block an unsightly new bike-way and to add some security to my garden. I can’t find a way to contact for advice. Can you help please

  2. Thanks for your question about security/screening plants for your property adjoining the new Roly Chapman bikeway.

    I have emailed a list of plants indigenous to the Reserve that I classify as security plants as they discourage people from entering an area eg. the name Barbed Wire Vine will give you an idea. We typically use these where we are creating fire breaks along the backs of houses and we don’t want people wandering off the formal tracks.

    I have also included three Acacias found in Roly Chapman with their heights. My favourite is Acacia fimbriata Brisbane Fringed Wattle … fast growing, beautiful yellow flowers with wonderful scent. The Fimbriata will probably be in flower at the moment in Roly Chapman.

    All the trees can be used for screening and most also attract butterflies … see list.

    Plant Nurseries to try:
    B4C Nursery cnr. Wright Street & Old Cleveland Road, Carindale – http://www.bulimbacreek.org.au/native-plant-nursery/4542522736
    Greening Austrlia – The Gap – http://www.qld.greeningaustralia.org.au/GAQOTSASP/
    Ecotone Local Native Plant Nursery – West End – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ecotone-Local-Native-Plant-Nursery/1429059224030956

    Michael Fox

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