Squirrel Glider - A Moore - 21 March 11

Squirrel Glider Petaurus norfolcensis

By: Michael Fox

Key threats to Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve:

Much of our work in restoring habitat in the Reserve is cleaning up damage done by easy to avoid action, like people dumping their garden waste in the bush when they could often simply put it into their wheelie bin.

Keeping our family cats inside at night takes a bit of effort. However it is still a relatively simple action that has huge benefits for our nocturnal wildlife like gliders and possums.

Gliders are one of the cutest of our Australian native animals. Sugar Gliders Petaurus breviceps and Squirrel Gliders Petaurus norfolcensis are found in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve. Restoration work at Fox Gully Bushcare site includes installation of nest-boxes to provide habitat for hollow dwelling animals like gliders, possums and birds.

Glider cat attack - Souther Star - 20 Feb 13

Southern Star – 20 Feb 2013 – page 8

So it was heart breaking to see the remains of a glider attacked by a domestic cat.

Sharing the story with the Southern Star is one way to help people think about doing things differently.

Another simple change we can make is to use wildlife friendly netting for our fruit trees. See article in Southern Star – go to page 8 and click to enlarge for reading. Information on wildlife friendly netting from Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld. Inc.