By: Michael Fox

Fruit Piercing Moth - Eudocima fullonia - caterpillar 1- 20 May 2019

Fruit Piercing Moth Eudocima fullonia

The Clairvaux Bushcare Team are not only great at clearing weeds they also love finding wildlife and added a new moth species to our Flora & Fauna for Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve database: Fruit Piercing Moth Eudocima fullonia



Hairy Mary - Anthela varia 2 - 22 June 2019

Hairy Mary Anthela varia


Morag McKinnon found a Hairy Mary Anthela varia moth caterpillar at Gertrude Petty Place Bushcare.

The Hairy Mary caterpillar has stiff spines that tend to break off in your skin and make it itchy.

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Tree falls - Southern Star - 18 Nov 2015

Southern Star – 18 Nov 2015

By: Michael Fox

Susan Jones and I met with a specialist Council arborist today at Gertrude Petty Place Bushcare, to discuss action required to improve public safety for mountain neighbours in Gosford Street.

Balancing public safety and wildlife habitat is always complex. Brisbane City Council’s arborist team have checked the health of trees along the property boundary and identified a number of removal. The team’s assessment was then matched against an independent arborist’s report for confirmation.

Long term safety will be managed by replanting with native grasses and low ground covers. Offset planting to replace trees will be undertaken away from the boundary.



Koala - Gertrude Petty Place - 23 Nov 2015 lowres

Koala – Queensland Blue Gum


Finding a Koala sleeping in a Queensland Blue Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis in another part of the Buscare site, highlights the importance of replacing canopy when trees are removed for public safety reason.