Echidna - Photo Bill Semple

Phil Reeves
, State Member for Mansfield, has now confirmed funding for our key research project: Flora and Fauna Assessment – Management Issue Identification and Fauna Movement Solutions.

This research,  to be conducted by respected professionals at Biodiversity Assessment and Management Pty Ltd, is a key part of our Mimosa Creek Precinct Landscape Plan. The southern face of Mt Gravatt, adjoining Klumpp Road, includes three strategic wildlife corridors which have the potential to link Mt Gravatt Reserve with Mimosa/Bulimba Creek and Toohey Forest habitats.

Imperial Hairstreak - Photo Sue Jones

Environmental restoration and long-term protection of our mountain habitat will strengthen existing populations of Koalas, Echidnas, Gliders and a wide diversity of birds and butterflies. A unique bushland experience right in our suburbs and only ten minutes from Brisbane CBD.

Mt Gravatt Environment Group is developing long term strategic plans for restoration and protection of Mt Gravatt Reserve through consolidation of existing habitat parcels and creation of wildlife links between habitat parcels. Queensland Government funding for this research will complement the strong community commitment represented by over 4,000 hours of volunteer labour and commitment of sixteen private property owners to restoration of their land in the Fox Gully and Firefly Gully wildlife corridors.

(l-r) Hon Kate Jones, Helen Schwencke, Michael Fox, Hon Phil Reeves

On behalf of our Mountain community, I thank Phil Reeves and his electoral office team for their ongoing support and encouragement. I also thank the Hon Kate Jones, Member for Ashgrove, who in her role as Minister for Environment and Resource Management visited Mt Gravatt Outlook then approved our research funding. In her letter, Kate acknowledged “The strong commitment and efforts of the community group for restoring, strengthening and linking Mimosa Creek, Roly Chapman Reserve and Mt Gravatt Reserve.”

We can all be proud of the strong community we are building with the support of our government representatives.  Reading Mt Gravatt Then and Now, Mt Gravatt Historical Society, tells us that this strong community spirit has a long history with the Queensland Premier acknowledging the community commitment in July 1893 when announcing the establishment of Mt Gravatt as an environmental reserve.

Would you like to help improve your local natural area, whilst creating habitat for Brisbane’s unique wildlife?

If so, we invite you to join one of our four neighbourhood volunteer sub-groups working around Mt Gravatt under direction of BCC’s Habitat Brisbane programme.  No experience necessary … all ages welcome. Stay and have a cuppa and biscuit afterwards.

Where do our groups work?

Roly Chapman Reserve (meet at Roly Chapman sign within the Reserve, Upper Mt Gravatt – UBD Map 201 A9). On the Saturday after the first Tuesday of the month, 8.30 – 10.30 am.  For details phone Rebecca on 0421 631 894

Rover Street, Mt Gravatt (UBD Map 201 D3). Either Saturday or Sunday of the first weekend in the month.  For details phone Brett on 3219 4061

Fox Gully, behind O’Grady Street, Upper Mt Gravatt (UBD Map200 R6). For details contact Mike on email – or 0408 769 405

Gertrude Petty Place, Mt Gravatt Outlook Drive, Mt Gravatt (UBD Map 201 B2). On the last Saturday of each month, 8 – 10 am.  Some enthusiastic members meet every Wednesday afternoon 3 – 5 pm.  For details phone Susan on 3349 9443

You will need to … Wear sturdy shoes, protective clothing, sunscreen, hat. Bring water bottle.   All equipment is supplied but you may prefer to use your own trowel and gardening gloves.

Mt Gravatt Reserve is a unique island of Queensland bushland ten minutes from Brisbane CBD and home to Koalas, Echidnas, twenty seven different types of butterfly and dozens of birds.

The Reserve is Queensland State Governement land held in trust by the Brisbane City Council which in partnership with the community manages recreation, conservaiton of biodiversity, scenic amenity, heritage and social values of the site.

The amazing biodiversity of Mt Gravatt Reserve can be appreciated by considering in 66 hectares 245 native plant species have been identified which is equal to 10% of the total plant diversity in the 32 million hectares of England, Scotland and Wales.

Mount Gravatt Environment Group (MEG) is an umbrella group for four active groups of BCC Habitat Brisbane Bushcare volunteers restoring different parts of this bushland. Restoration activities range from removal of weeds/rubbish and planting of indiginous plant species  to researching and mapping of plant and animal species, community education and consultation with BCC land management teams.

MEG supports bushcare groups restoring:

  • Gertude Petty Place
  • Rover Street
  • Fox Gully
  • Roly Chapman Reserve