Prof. Ian O’Connor with development team

By: Michael Fox

The invitation said business casual, however, it is a university …

… and these green leaves gathered around Vice Chancellor Prof. Ian O’Connor are justly proud to launch this year’s must have App – GrowsAtGriffith.

Primary and secondary teachers, kindergartens, bushcare group members, local government teams, libraries, anyone interested in Australian native plants should download this App today. It’s free but looks and works like a million dollars.


Discussing Slender Hyacinth Orchid photos with Mark and Catherine

Mt Gravatt Environment Group provided many of the 500 plus photos on this first release of this excellent tool. So I was proud to represent our group at this launch and finally meet the two key drivers of this project – Assoc Prof Catherine Pickering, Griffith School of Environment and post-graduate student Mark Ballantyne.