By: Michael Fox

(l-r) Marshal, Mirandha, Lin, Fred, John, Michael

How do you tempt university students into the bush to pull out weeds?

Answer: Put on food!

Seriously we were very pleased to welcome the Griffith Uni Bushcare Team to Fox Gully yesterday. Team leader Mirandha, Environmental Law, has been working with Susan Jones at our Gertrude Petty Place Bushcare site.

First order of the day was a sausage sizzle, a very new and Australian experience for Lin, Environmental Science, and Fred, Hotel Management. Marshal operated the BBQ while I show the team the Rainbow Lorikeets¬†Trichoglossus haematodus setting-up home in the Men’s Shed nest-box high in a Tallowwood.

Clearing Fishbone Fern

Time to get down to work!

We are joined by Kate Flink (yellow tub at bottom), BCC Habitat Brisbane, and continue clearing the invasive Fishbone Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia in Zone 13. Clearing this garden escapee is a big job however as we clear the weed nature is coming behind us working 24/7 to restore native grasses like Graceful Grass Ottochloa gracillima and the seven native ferns that occur naturally in this gully.