Yellow Albatross - close - 20 Jan 2015

Yellow Albatross Appias paulina

By: Michael Fox

Finding a new butterfly species in Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve is special, a small surprise adding colour to your walk in the bush. The Yellow Albatross Appias paulina brings the number of butterfly species found in the Reserve to forty-eight.

Caterpillar food plant for the Yellow Albatross is the attractive Native Holly Alchornea ilicifolia.

Glasswing - 26 Apr 12

Glasswing Acraea andromacha

Glasswing - caterpillar - crop - 5 Jan 2015

Glasswing caterpillar on Spade Flower


Our butterfly species information has also been updated with a photo of a Glasswing caterpillar on a Spade Flower Hybanthus stellarioides.

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