Variegated Fairy Wren - 22 June 2015

Variegated Fairy-wren Malurus lamberti

By: Michael Fox

Our 2015 National Tree Day planting will restore important small forest bird habitat. So it was a real pleasure to see a family of Variegated Fairy-wrens Malurus lamberti among the Wonga Wonga Vine Pandorea pandorana growing just 100 metres south-east of the site.

This is the first reported sighting near the Eastern Outlook Track. I was not able to get a photo of the male with all his bright colours.

Variegated Fairy Wren - habitat - 22 June 2015

Small Forest Bird habitat

The aim is to create the scrubby tangled habitat where larger like Crows and Butcher Birds cannot get in to rob nests of egg or chicks.

Habitat Network has published an excellent guide for creating small bird habitat.





Habiat haven

2015 National Tree Day

Register for Small Forest Bird Habitat Planting

Sunday 26 July – 9am to 12noon

Meet at junction of Federation and Geebung Tracks

National Tree Day public transport2

Drive via Shire Rd – Walk from Griffith Bus Station

Eastern Spinebill 3 - 23 June 2014

Eastern Spinebill Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris

Driving – via Shire Road

Bus – walk from Griffith University Bus Station

Small forest birds need a variety of food ranging from nectar and grass seeds to insects. Also vegetation that provides safety for feed and nesting.

Children welcome with adults..Children welcome with adults.

Join Griffith Mates students and community members for 2015 National Tree Day planting to establish the Small Bird Habitat display garden and plant Koala trees.

Wear enclosed shoes & hat.

Morning tea and equipment provided.